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Lessa Standalone Follower

Lessa Standalone Follower I recently released Lessa, Dragonborn, as a standalone follower. This girl is based off of one of my presets. And have to say she kicks ass. Comes with one handed and shield. Custom born dragon skin by ZwabberdieBo was used with permission to create Lessa. She has to be one of my favorite followers and love...
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Skyrim Special Editions Mod List

So first off, welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting and I hope this blog post helps you in your skyrim modding adventures. As always clean your Master files with Tes5edit. Here is a video tutorial from the amazing Jon Houlden that walks you through how to do it. Skyrim Special Edition Tes5edit Tutorial...
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Skyrim Mods

Skyrim Mods In this blog post I will be showing you and listing 2 different compatible setups for skyrim. I highly recommend you use Mod Organizer. However if you haven’t or are using Nexus Mod manager. Please reference one of my previous posts for the tutorial. Even if you are using Mod Organizer I...
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Skryim Mod Tutorial

Skryim Mod Tutorial Skyrim Mod Tutorial If you are converting from Nexus Mod Manager to Mod Organizer which I highly recommend the follow these steps: Find your nexus mod manager file location. All the files should be .7z or .rar files. usually downloads in .7z Copy your mod list with a screenshot tool from...
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Parents Guide to Minecraft

Parents Guide to Minecraft Few things about Minecraft. It is kid safe but highly addicting. Just make sure to limit the amount of time your children play just like any video game. You also need to realize there are differences between systems. For instance, playing on xbox is alot easier than playing on Pc. The reason is simple....
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