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Skyrim Special Editions Mod List

So first off, welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting and I hope this blog post helps you in your skyrim modding adventures.

As always clean your Master files with Tes5edit. Here is a video tutorial from the amazing Jon Houlden that walks you through how to do it.

Skyrim Special Edition Tes5edit Tutorial

After you complete that install Nexus Mod Manager. You may get some prompts to update C++ or some other programs. Just follow the prompts from your Operating system. and install the correct versions.

Then this is where you begin the mod installation. Associate your nexus mod manager with your nexus login by clicking this button and logging in.

I will be listing these mods in order of mod installation. There will be some overwrites. With the overwrites anything that is 4k or higher with these mods you want to overwrite.

Install the following mods in this order.

Xp32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition

Hdt physics extensions

Unp BaseMainBody Hdt Version (Google for the non hdt version)

Eyecandy Special Edition

Unnofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Fores New Idles in Skyrim

Any race mods you want to install

Halo’s Poser


RaceCompatibility with fixes

Realistic Ragdolls and Force

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Coin Pouch Revamped

Dwarven Arrows and Bolts

Iron Arrows Revamped

Aetherial Crown

Alduin 4k

Apophysis Dragon Priest Masts SE

Arri’s Snow elf ruins

Barenziahs Glory

Beautiful Boats of Skyrim

Beautiful Honey Signs

Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack

Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack

Better Dwemer Spider Textures

Book Covers Skyrim

Burned Book 4k

HQ Guard Shields

Enhanced Ore Veins

HQ Alduins Wall

HQ Firewood

Consistent Basket Textures

Detailed Chests

Detailed Runes

Fine Face Textures

Glorious Dwarven Metal

Goodnight mother


HD Lava

HD Road Signs

HD Werewolf

HQ Paper

JS Dragon Claws

Leather details

Lock HD

Maevan Brows

Northern Realistic Clouds

Real Bows

Real Mountains

Realistic Horse Saddle

Rustic Animated Potions

Rustic Clutter Collection

Rustic Soulgems

Rustic Windows

Semi-Open Guard Helmets


Sky Haven Temple HD

Skyrim 2017 Textures

Skyrim FLora Overhaul

Skyrim Improved Puddles

Enchanced Night SKy

Soulgem Stand Redone

Statues of Skyrim

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal


Animated Dragon Wings

Magic Casting Animations Overhaul

PCA 1hm Overhaul

Pretty Combat Animations

SSE High Quality Music

KS Hairsdos SSE

Northborn Scars

NPC Apachii Hairstyles

Seductive Lips HD

Circlets with Helms

Hunters Not Bandits

Giant Immersion Mod

Palaces and Castles Enhanced

Palaces and Castles Patches

Better Docks

Settlements Expanded

Trees in Cities



Beast of Tamriel

Dogs Kingdom


Horse Armors

Oh God Bees

Rabbits Kingdom


Ducks and Swans

HQ Tree Bark

Lanterns of Skyrim

Realistic Water Two

Vivid Weathers

Better Gauldur Amulet

Crimson Nirnroot Markers

Dragon Remains

Follower Limit Increase

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions

Horse Storage

Killcam Blur removal

Random Alternate State Reborn

Run for your lives

Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers

Unique Loot

Birds of Skyrim

Blowing in the Wind

Daedric Cults of Skyrim

Hold Border Banners

Immersive Citizens

Immersive Patrols

Immersive Wenches

Joy of Perspective

Killable Generals

More Colorful Critters

Point the way

Public Executions

Realistic Needs and Diseases

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Skyrim Better Roads

Improved Daedric Artifacts

Wearable Lanterns

Clutter Doesn’t respawn

HD Urns




WitchHunter Spells

Apachii Divine Elegance Store

All Housecarl Replacer

Amazing Follower Tweaks




Organized Bandits in Skyrim

Populated Cities

Kidmer Adoptable Elf Children

The Kids are Alright

Guild Members Overhaul


Realistic Lights Overhaul


Mannequins Stay Put

Riverwood Reborn

Perk Points Per Level

Training Dummies and Targets

Sneak Tool

Girly Animation

Install Any Armor mods or quest mods you would like

And voila. I intentionally didn’t go over race porting or enb installation as that requires me to know your specs of your computer. If you are interested check out the enb presets available on nexus.

Thanks for checking it out,

Petite Omnivore


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