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Skryim Mod Tutorial

Skryim Mod Tutorial

Skyrim Mod Tutorial

If you are converting from Nexus Mod Manager to Mod Organizer which I highly recommend the follow these steps:

Find your nexus mod manager file location. All the files should be .7z or .rar files. usually downloads in .7z

Copy your mod list with a screenshot tool from NexusmodManager. I personally use Snipping tool. But you can use anything.

Take all the zipped files and place them in a folder on the desktop. Name it downloads.

Disconnect the steam cloud sync. Click Steam from the steam interface. Click View > Settings > cloud
Make sure both boxes are unchecked.
Make sure to click okay to save the settings.
Verify the intergrity of your skyrim game. Skyrim > Properties > Verify integrity of game cache
When its done just close it out.

Delete and reinstall skyrim

Install the latest version of SKSE from this site

Unzip the files (not the folders inside SKSE) to a folder on the desktop

Go into your Skyrim main folder. For those who use steam. This should be in Program files > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Skyrim

Copy the scripts folder from SKSE and paste in in Skyrim Data Folder. If it asks for an overwrite do it. However it shouldn’t need it as Skyrim should be vanilla.

If you have mod files in your Skyrim folder then you have to get creative.
Delete everything but all DLC’s and your update.bsa and update.esm.

Should look like this


You need to verify that you have a Script.rar file in your Skyrim folder. IF you don’t EMAIL ME. And I will send it to you. You have to have it for it to work properly.

Go to Skyrim main folder.
Find the SKSE application. Create a shortcut on your desktop.

Launch Skyrim from the SKSE shortcut
May have to use run as administrator
Press the tilde button (~) from the main menu in Skyrim
Type “getSKSEversion” without quotations

Verify that it say “SKSE version is 1.7.3 release idx 48 runtime 09200000”

Close it once it does and delete the shortcut

Go to Steam > Store > Search > Skyrim High Resolution DLC and download
Only download if you have the computer recommended specs!

Make a file in your Skyrim main folder called Mod Organizer

Next Download Mod Organizer Here 

Manually install and place the .rar file and all the extracted files in a new folder called Mod Organizer.

The folder that you put on your desktop called downloads. Move that to the Mod Organizer file and overwrite if necessary.

This installs all your mods from your previous nexus version.

As far as landscape changes go you have to base it off your system.

But installing character textures and hairs should be good to go.

To install mods download manually from

Unzip the file and place it in the modorganizer > downloads section

Top left corner of Mod Organizer is a box with a disc. Click it

Open downloads. It should have a full list of all your mods.

Install these in the proper order as i have listed


Download this mod to optimize your textures!

Place it in a new folder called Ordenador in your Skyrim main folder. Unpack to this folder. Place a shortcut on the desktop.

Run Ordenador. In the upper left corner select the file icon. Select the Skyrim data folder.

Make the boxes look like the following two images for Ordenador.

Ordenator ordenator2

Then click. Select yes to resize images. And yes run a backup. This takes a while! When the black screen opens up leave it alone. Let it run.

IF at the end you get this error message:

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue if you click quit the application will close immediately Argument number must be greater or equal to zero.

This is how you fix it. Create a new folder on the desktop. Copy the highrestexturepack 1 2 and 3. Paste them in the new folder. Reference the pictures above to run Ordenator. Check all 3 boxes for the texture packs then run it. It should be much faster this time.

Drop the texture packs back into the Skyrim > Data folder and overwrite.

Install all your mods. Either from your previous nexusmodmanager mod files (Some may be missing) Or install all new ones. To install from nmm. Click the Wrenches on the menu In Mod Organizer. See image.

Click the nexus tab. Enter your login credentials. Click associate with manager. Say yes to whatever it says. Click okay then exit out. This makes mod installation much easier to have to avoid manually installing everything. Everything you install this way shows up under the Downloads tab in MO. Double Click to install. If you have the file not set up properly do this.

Click the arrows until you see the data folder. Right click and set as data directory. When the green shows up in the bottom left corner you are good to go.

Skyrim Mod Tutorial

Make sure when you are done with all the mods your system is capable of having that you click the Sort Button Under the Plugins tab on the right side.

To run FNIS which is mandatory for all non vanilla animations you have to add a shortcut inside MO.

Extract FNIS to the Mod Organizer > Downloads.

When that is complete follow this default path to find it. Click the gears in the MO menu at the top.

Enter the title as FNIS

Select the Binary option first follow Mod Organizer > Downloads >FNIS Behavior 6.3 > Data > Tools > GenerateFNISforUsers > Click on the GenerateFNISforusers.exe

Next leave Start in Blank! When done close it out by clicking okay. Select FNIS from the dropdown menu and click run. This will launch it.

Skyrim Mod Tutorial

Also when you click SKSE to run Skyrim you have to run as admin. Make sure your properties on SKSE.exe in your skyrim main folder looks like this!

Credit to this Youtuber, the Anonymous Patriot for helping me create this tutorial!

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