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Parents Guide to Minecraft

Parents Guide to Minecraft

Few things about Minecraft. It is kid safe but highly addicting. Just make sure to limit the amount of time your children play just like any video game.

You also need to realize there are differences between systems. For instance, playing on xbox is alot easier than playing on Pc. The reason is simple. Servers.

On Xbox, they host the server for you. On Pc you host your own. Which means you have to install the server files from whatever modpack you are running. Modpacks for Pc are what makes gamers enjoy it more. It makes it easier to find materials and allows you to do different things to make your life easier with Minecrafting. For example in the modpack I run on my Pc, Attack of the B Team, you can build different items that allow mining to be much easier and also you can transform into whatever enemy you kill. Also you can collect hats! (Super exciting :D)

Anyways so the basics.

You will spawn in some location. This is always where you will spawn for the remainder of the game. Having a base house here is a good idea. Means chop some wood. Build a crafting table out of wood.

Step 1:                                              Step 2:


 Minecraft WoodMinecraft Crafting Table

You need to get either four pieces of sheep wool or 8 pieces of string to create the wool for a bed. Then 3 pieces of wood planks, like in step one, to make a bed.

After this you can start crafting more items. I’d start with a sword, some armor. Then you need mining equipment. Start with an axe, a pickaxe, and a shovel. These can be all made of wood then upgraded with better minerals later. Like iron and diamonds.

Bed :                                                     Sword :

 Minecraft BedsMinecraft Sword





Minecraft HelmetMinecraft Chestplate

Minecraft Pants     Minecraft Boots

So this is my starter guide for parents that have no idea what to do with their kids. Survival Mode is also alot more fun because you do get enemies to kill and have fun with. Oh and if you are on xbox together then you have to be running an hdmi cord to split screen. You can then split screen with up to four players in your world. Other players online can also join you.

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  1. billolsen says:

    My oldest granddaughter, 10, is spending a lot of time in that game and with add, gets obsessed easily. She is ok for now in that we haven’t had to step in and limit her time but I can see things headed that direction.

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