Posted by Petite Omnivore on Feb 28, 2016
Converting Twitch Videos

Converting Twitch Videos

As as gamer you probably stream to twitch all the time. Well you probably run a youtube then too right?

Well twitch is great for story amazing clips and not being limited to the 5 minutes of the Xbox Dvr. You can also take these clips and use them as your montage or walkthroughs on your own channels on youtube. (Ps I would love to sub to your youtube. Comment with your link)

Unfortunately twitch doesn’t allow for download of the file within their site you have to use a third party site. The best one that I found is this one called Twitch Download. When you go here just enter your twitch name. Not the full url and it will search for your past broadcasts. It will only let you download fifteen minutes at a time. Which is perfect for your youtube channel. Or if you authorize it to connect to your twitch you can download the full video then edit from there. Or create your montages. Its amazing huh? What technology can do now?

This site does download it in an Mp4 format which again is fantastic!

So go check it out. Comment your youtube channel and your twitch channel so I can follow you.

Mine is

I personally use Wondershare Video editor for editing my own videos. What do you guys use?


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