Posted by Petite Omnivore on Feb 22, 2016
Xbox One Kinect

Xbox One Kinect

Have to give a review on this because I just picked it up yesterday. I am super excited about it by the way. I picked it up from Frye’s Electronics in my city. It was a good deal. Brand new and included was Dance Central. Granted I want to pick up a more complete version of the game but for now this will do.

Anyways so we set up the Xbox in the front room to give us enough space to play and have some fun. My boys are 5 and 8 so seeing them dance is hilarious. My youngest seems to have more of a knack for it. My oldest is a sweetheart but he’s tall and lanky and has no natural rhythm.

My mother even got involved in the fun which was awesome. She’s better at the game than any of us which made us all laugh. I usually play first person shooters and other roleplaying games but this was really awesome to join in something active with the kids. We all were sweating after each song. I really think this style of gameplay with help me lose some weight. Not that I have too much to lose in the first place but still. Getting Just Dance from Gamestop is probably going to be on the agenda here soon. To allow for more songs and more fun! I guess I will have to get a video of the boys dancing to it. Anyways for a free game it provided an hour of fun and I suspect it will be even more so. Best investment for gaming with children. The technology is crazy for doing these types of games. The last time we had a game like this was on the first generation Wii. It was difficult to get the motion capture to pick up your movements and it really only knew where the controller was. This makes you incorporate your entire body is specific places to get perfect scores. Which i think is fantastic.

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